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In this one-man musical comedy, writer/performer JP Karliak wants so badly to be the perfect son for his adoptive mother: a delicate Catholic housewife from Scranton. But as he realizes he can't be the ideal local boy, he seeks answers from a very different source: his fashion columnist, married-to-a-British-pop-star birth mother. Through stories, characters and song, JP tells of his quirky relationships with these wildly different women and how sometimes you have to meet a "Material Girl" to truly appreciate "America's Sweetheart."

Donna/Madonna debuted at New York's Theatre Row in 2010, and has since grown from a personal love letter to JP's two mothers into a universal tale of the need for our parents' love and acceptance. Aided by the direction of Tiger Reel (LA's Action! Theatre) and Matthew Craig (writer, "SNL") and memorable musical arrangements and mash-ups by Billy Thompson (Invasion! The Musical) and club staple DJ ChocliXxX, this solo performance has garnered awards in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.  Critics and audiences coast to coast agree that Donna/Madonna  is a hilariously witty yet family-friendly tale that anyone should see... especially with mom.

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JP Karliak in Donna/Madonna
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