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You've stumbled upon the digital home of JP Karliak. Hailing from the "Electric City" Scranton, Pennsylvania, JP has voiced such iconic animated characters as Boss Baby in Netflix's The Boss Baby: Back in Business,  the Tin Man in Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz and Wile E. Coyote in New Looney Tunes (both on Boomerang).  For more on JP's voiceover career, his writing, activism, coaching, and all sorts of other tidbits, feel free to poke around.  Thanks for visiting!





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JP Karliak in Donna/Madonna


In this multi-award-winning, autobiographical one-act, writer/performer JP Karliak wants so badly to be the perfect son for his adoptive mother: a delicate Catholic housewife from Scranton.  But realizing he can't be the ideal local boy, he seeks answers from a very different source: his fashion-writing, married-to-a-British-pop-star birth mother. Through stories, characters and song, JP tells of his quirky relationships with these wildly different women and how sometimes you have to meet a "Material Girl" to truly appreciate "America's Sweetheart."

With direction by Tiger Reel (LA's Action! Theatre) and Matthew Craig (SNL, New Looney Tunes) and memorable musical arrangements and mash-ups by Billy Thompson (Invasion! The Musical) and club staple DJ ChocliXxX, this hilarious and touching solo performance has garnered awards in New York, LA and San Francisco.

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  • Let It Snow - In this all-inclusive winter's tale, Ms. Vanderbilt's first grade class is deadlocked on what the theme of the winter pageant should be.  Each of her students has their own colorful and creative idea.  Luckily, her class gets a little help from the sky, as the first snowfall comes in time to inspire a compromise.

    • December, 2004, Pandora's Academy, Bordentown, NJ

  • Rumpelstiltskin - Two bumbling raconteurs set the stage for a fresh take on the classic children's tale, featuring a career-minded maiden, the sweetest of princes, and a funny yet fearsome conjuring of the titular villain.

    • July-August, 2004, Olio Theatre Works, Long Beach, CA (traveling show)

    • October, 2004, Dunmore High School, Dunmore, PA


  • Little Things Like Dancing - A group of high school pals travel home for a final visit with their friend Dana, who is dying of cancer.  As they recount the rollercoaster ride of her illness, they each remember the little moments with Dana that will affect their lives forever.

    • March, 2001, The Lab Theatre, Washington, DC


Monologues published in the Applause Acting Series anthologies "Comedic Monologues That Are Actually Funny."  I appear in the Men'sTeen Boy'sTeen Girl'sKids and LGBT editions.  Edited by Alisha Gaddis.  Now available via Amazon and in theatre bookstores.

Men's Comedic Monologues Book
Teen Boys' Comedic Monologues Book
Teen Girls' Comedic Monologues Book
Kids' Comedic Monologues Book
LGBTQ Comedic Monologues Book



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I'm one of the co-founders of NerdsVote, a non-partisan organization linking cosplayers, gamers, pop culture fans, and nerds of all kinds to voter registration opportunities in the U.S.  We launched in May of 2018, and had great success at conventions nationwide registering nerds to vote.  Visit our website for all the latest information about our efforts for 2019!  www.nerdsvote.com


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Before my career in voice over, I produced events at the University of Southern California. From conferences to galas, networking mixers to tailgates, I finessed the many details required to create impactful, memorable experiences. Since leaving USC in 2012, I've continued to foster my love of event work, directing the signature galas of Venice Family Clinic, 826 LA, United Friends of the Children, and Project Angel Food (click here for my complete resume). I'm proud to freelance exclusively through Posh5 Productions, owned by my friend and colleague Danielle Alexander. Visit the Posh5 website for more information and to inquire about hiring me and their incredible staff for all your non-profit event needs. www.posh5productions.com

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