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p karliak

Voiceover Actor / Queer Activist / Snappy Dresser

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Well hi!

Welcome to the digital home of me, JP Karliak. Hailing from Dunmore, Pennsylvania (right next to the "Electric City" Scranton from "The Office"), I've been the voice of such iconic characters as Wile E. Coyote, the Tin Man, Willy Wonka, Kozo Fuyutsuki, N. Tropy, the Boss Baby, and the Joker.  I've also played a bunch of Marvel heroes and villains like Loki, Hawkeye, the Vision, the nonbinary shapeshifter Morph from "X-Men '97" and the exceptionally nasty Green Goblin in "Spidey and His Amazing Friends." 


Aside from VO, I'm the founder of Queer Vox (the non-profit academy for LGBTQIA+ voice actors) and the co-founder of voter registration org NerdsVote. For more about me, feel free to poke around!


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The good news?  More LGBTQIA+ characters are appearing in animated and interactive titles every year!  The bad news is these roles are often cast inauthentically, and the industry as a whole struggles with how to handle "queer casting."  I not only want to see more queer characters on screen but also more queer actors in the booth.  So I founded Queer Vox, a non-profit training academy and community for LGBTQIA+ voiceover actors, with an emphasis on trans/non-binary/genderqueer performers and BIPOC queer folx.  Our goal is to train and showcase queer voiceover talent while championing true representation behind the mic.  Want to learn more?  Contact us at

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I'm one of the co-founders of NerdsVote, a non-partisan organization linking gamers, con goers, cosplayers, and pop culture fans of all kinds to voter registration opportunities in the U.S.  From getting out the vote at "comic-cons" nationwide to digital events with "Notable Nerds," we're spreading the word that voting matters in every election.  Visit our website for all the latest information about our efforts!

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JP Karliak in Donna/Madonna


In this multi-award-winning, autobiographical solo musical comedy, writer/performer JP Karliak wants so badly to be the perfect son for his adoptive mother: a delicate Catholic housewife from Scranton.  But realizing he can't be the ideal local boy, he seeks answers from a very different source: his fashion-writing, married-to-a-British-pop-star birth mother. Through stories, characters and song, JP tells of his quirky relationships with these wildly different women and how sometimes you have to meet a "Material Girl" to truly appreciate "America's Sweetheart."

For more about Donna/Madonna, click here.

Other Writing


  • Let It Snow - 2004, Pandora's Academy, Bordentown, NJ

  • Rumpelstiltskin 2004, Olio Theatre Works, Long Beach, CA

    • 2004, Dunmore High School, Dunmore, PA

  • Little Things Like Dancing - 2001, Lab Theatre, Washington, DC



Maxxie LaWow

cast and directed the voice talent of Maxxie LaWow: Drag Super-shero, an animated feature film about Simon, a shy young barista, who discovers a magic wig that turns him into butt-kicking, lip syncing, shade-throwing drag diva Maxxie LaWow. Starring Grant Hodges, Erika Ishii, and Terren Wooten Clarke, it also has a fantastically talented supporting cast including Laraine Newman, Avi Roque, Monét X Change, BenDeLaCreme, Jinkx Monsoon, Rosé, and many more.

Maxxie LaWow


I currently teach a Character Creation masterclass as part of Queer Vox's curriculum, and offer it periodically at Real Voice LA.  I am also available for guest workshops and workouts, just reach out if you're interested!


I produce animation and video game demos with Real Voice LA, featuring original copy tailor made for your needs. Want to learn more?  Visit for more details and booking information.
Here are a few samples:
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Manny Cristobal
Katie Cofield
Harrison Xu
Helen Kennedy Turner


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Signed graphics of your favorite characters

are now available at my Streamily store!

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Voiceover Representation

Los Angeles

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Cynthia McLean


San Francisco

JE Talent
Cal Grant

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Snappy Dresser Links

Here are links to some of the awesome artistes who make me look extra snappy:

T-Shirts - Andrew Ahern, Glen Hanson, and Swish Embassy

Hair Styling - Tonia Jost

Photography - Christopher Carlisle

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