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Working in voiceover for 15 years, I've picked up a lot of tips, tactics and trade secrets from the best of the best in this industry. These little hints have helped me unlock challenging auditions, deepen and add variety to my characters, and book some incredible roles. Now, I'm happy to share this knowledge with you! I partner with Real Voice LA to offer small classes and demo preparation/direction. Privately, I also offer audition coaching via phone, FaceTime, or Zoom.
Peruse around for all the details, and reach out if you have questions or wish to book!
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I offer two boot camps at Real Voice LA:
  1. Creating Characters - Building a repertoire of varied characters using the unique colors in your own voice.
  2. Creating Worlds - Imagining your character's environment all while behind the mic
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JP Karliak
Independently of Real Voice LA, I offer private audition coaching via phone, Zoom or FaceTime. We'll go over your audition copy, discuss strong choices appropriate to the character, and find ways to make your reads pop.  I also feedback on demos!
Coaching is subject to my availability, and I do require new clients interview with me first.  To learn more, contact me here!
Creating an animation demo is a step for those ready to show off their well-honed, well-trained talents. My first step in demo creation is making sure you're ready. You don't want to botch a first impression!
Then I'll write original copy for characters that will show off your unique voices and how they fit in a variety of current animation styles.
We'll rehearse and perfect your reads. Then on a separate day (so you're well-rested), we'll record!  It's time-intensive, but it ensures you'll
feel well-prepared for your record and confident your demo shows you at your best.
Want to learn more?  Visit for more details and booking information. 
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